Locking Pin

The locking pin on top of the egg tray lid is designed to be pressed down in the front to fully engage the pin into the water tray.
It has a detent, which the pin handle should be in front of and has positive pressure on the lid to stop the pin from vibrating out due to water flow.The back detent position will allow you to remove the egg basket and lid intact from the water tray.
Pulling the locking pin all the way back will allow you to open the egg tray lid, inspect for and remove dead eggs.

Water Tray

The Ferincubator egg tray fits tightly into the water tray. This forces more water to flow through the screened section of the tray instead of passing around the outside of the tray. All of the components are injection molded plastic with tight fit tolerances.

Prior to Use

fter installing your vertical incubator, it is recommended that the system be cleaned.
Run water through the system or clean the system by using a brush and disinfectant and running water through the system.

Fer Trout Incubator, Alabalık Kuluçka Dolabı