Our basic principle as FER Trout Incubator is to provide and constantly improve the maximum customer satisfaction. All employees are actively involved in the Integrated Management System with the regular training program in order to adopt the established quality understanding.


Our company, which started production activities in 2002, continues production of Trout Incubator Cabinet. In addition, all kinds of material cutting and shaping are done with water jet cutting machine. Our company which operates with this mission has a total area of ​​5000m2 including 2500m2 closed area and 2500m2 open area which is established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. To contribute to the building culture by supporting the change and development will of our people in order to be able to adapt to the changing and developing conditions regarding the building technology in the fastest and easiest way "QUALITY A LIFE STYLE AND CONTINUOUS GOOD." He is about to spend his life without compromising his principle and is walking on this road.


Our company, established in 1993, has made an important place in the construction sector with various examples in the field of reinforced concrete system construction until 2000. However, we have seen that our sector is developing in a very different and wide range in the direction of the developments in the construction sector, and in the direction of our company's strategy of opening out. For this reason, our company needed restructuring and added steel works to its field of activity in 2002 to realize this. We explain the answer to the question "Why Steel Structure" in the context of the sector's general approach; Steel structure; such as the freedom of architecture, the ability to create more qualified constructions in weak places, the possibility of more aesthetic approaches in architecture, the production of better quality buildings is more economic and longer lasting than other building systems ... Despite being a very new building technique in our country, our company, which thinks it will be in demand, exemplifies its intention with the structures that it builds with the steel system and shows every effort to progress in this direction. Our company has 21.000 m2 area allocated to itself in Kayseri 1st Organized Industrial Zone; 11.000 m2 has started to be constructed as closed area and continues to work to finish building as soon as possible.

Fer Trout Incubator, Alabalık Kuluçka Dolabı